So finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, my 1st post on this blog I regrettably told everyone about.....

Sorry I took so long, since I arrived things have been pretty hectic, this weekend has almost been the only appropriate time for doing this kind of stuff, so I have excuses.

Also I would like to stress the point that this blog will be nowhere near as good as my predecessor's, nor as exotic as that other guy's blog in Brasil, you know the one i'm talking about. Coming back to Thierry, he did a fantastic job on this blog and i'm not just saying this because he agreed to let me spounge off it !!

As far as Shanghai goes, its much the same as last year, a few new underground ("metro") lines, a few more skyscrapers, but the same ol' polite Chinese, quiet surroundings and laidback life-style.........with one major difference.....the nature of my stay. This time it's not about the Chinese, though i would like to continue learning it to become fluent, but for work, so an English speaking environment with little contact with Chinese people. The chances are i'll spend a lot more time with other decadent western expats than with local folks.

Being here for a second time, has one particular result, being i am now experiencing life in Shanghai (which has nothing to do with the real China) from a different perspective, and it forces one to think more about the complexe relations that exist between different groups of foreigners and Chinese. If you aren't to dim-witted you can really learn a lot about yourself and about living and working in China as I am today.

Anyway enough with the philosophical gobbledy-goop, now for some pictures that i hope i can get to appear in this post, wish me luck i haven't done this before. Next post i shall be showing some pictures of and talking about my work.....sounds exciting doesn't it !

view from my room window out onto the grey landscape, that just rolls out over miles and miles, give you a clue about how uch air pollution there is here

cross-roads i walk through every morning on my way to the underground station

a few feet away from my private residential blog of flats are these tpes of living quarters

Just a quick view outside my 15th floor flat bed-room window