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Shanghai: the return 2009

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mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Last news from Shanghai

Right this is not going to be a usual post, I haven't got a lot of time on my hands and I just got back from my 2-week (note French speakers: no "s" after "week" in this case, haha) trip in a more western part of China, Guangxi and Sichuan provinces and I leave tomorrow so this is my last post from Shanghai this year.

I will just blast a ton of pics at you all as you've all been wanting from the beginning!!!!

Here are some from my weekend (14-16 July) spent with my colleague near Hangzhou bamboo-rafting and generally mucking around with other people on the tour. It was a promotional deal for foreigners only, YES!!! and wa all expenses paid for so we didn;t hesitate a minute in signing on: bamboo_intro5.jpg bamboo_intro7.jpg bamboo_intro8.jpg evening_uno_fans3.jpg group_pic3.jpg group_pic7.jpg mid-day_break_2.jpg mid-day_break.jpg race_pre-start2.jpg race_pre-start.jpg rubber-boat_slalom.jpg steph_I_bonfire_speech.jpg Don't know why some pics are smaller, I couldn't put them in a larger format else the resolution would've been too low.

Here are some pics I didn't add that were taken during my bank holiday weekend post (1st to 3rd May): VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100 sun-lit_downtown_buildings.JPG boob_slippers.JPG sun-lit_2.JPG old_buildings.JPG                                The above include pics taken at the Midi Rock festival also on the w-e from 1st to 3rd May and anything I could think of flashing basically.

Here are another set of pics taken a various times that i may not have had time to post earlier: steph_I_last_day_at_UTSEUS_10-07-2009.jpg steph_I_last_day_at_UTSEUS2_10-07-2009.jpg                                                               These include Steph & I on our last day at work (10th July) and 王晓磊 (aka William) and "can't remember his Chinese name" (aka Brian), 2 students at the institute I worked for with whom I was close. I did plan on visiting William in Sichuan when I was there but family issues came up and I couldn't make tthe detour to his hometown to pay him a visit, next time for sure though.

Next up pics from my holidays in Guangxi province:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Taken in Longsheng, a small town 2h north of Guilin.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The place everyone goes when they speak of Guilin, Yangshuo, 2h south of Guilin.

Hope this hqs been worthwhile, will see you all again in HongKong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samedi 20 juin 2009

May-June 2009

Hello everyone, in response to my Brasilian counterpart's recent post it is now my turn to entertain...tkanks a bunch Chris!!

It has been a while but unfotunately not a lot has happened in the last month or so, with work taking much of my time with events to organise and behind the scenes paperwork to write out in preparation for these events I haven't had much time to do anything.

Rest assured I still make time for fun, on the weekends with tennis on the top of a building (a weekly fixture since I got here actually) plus I still manage to get out and take part in all the new bar, club and restaurant opening ceremonies that pop up like daisies and more importantly wherein a few bottles of bubbly are popped open for good measure, all on the house of course with free food to go with it !!! I love free-loading....

A few other things have changed, we finally got round to employing a maid to clean our flat, we're not that dirty, just it's nice to pay someone less than 2 Euros an hour for coming to our place once a week and giving it a quick sprussing-up (NB: 2 euros/hour is about rwice as much as we should be paying her). That's one of the few upsides of living here....if I ever work here on a fulltime contract I'm getting myself a personal cook, righteous!! Also I will be attending David Vendetta's venue at the Bar Rouge, illustrious night club on the Bund (a sort of Promenade des Anglais if you will, where tourists might at times outnumber the locals if there weren't so damn many of them!!!!!!). In case you English speakers don't know DV (that's normal), he is a moderately successful DJ suffering from David Guetta complex (his French, and much more successful compatriot).

I almost forgot!!! We went to the beach on the 28th May, (we= Steph, Morgane and I. Emma wasn't too keen on the idea of sunbathing and eating ice-cream and gossiping with the 2 others for some strange inexplicable reason). Those who know Shanghai will probably be wondering how the heck I managed to go to the beach when it is a well-established fact that Shanghai and China as a whole (except Hainan, the southern most region/island that is a tropical island with palm trees and white sand beaches) has never been too sun-tan oriented, quite the contrary, thus finding nice clean beaches with no kaki coloured polluted water is hard to come by. So where was this beach and how did it come to be? Well it is situated in the most meridional suburb of Shanghai, called JinShan ("golden mountain", I hope) and was inaugurated just a few years ago to welcome a major international beach-volley competition, so white sand and a pleasant environment that the Chinese have taken to, albeit in tents and dressed up to avoid brown skin that us Westerners look for. I can't say much more a part from go there and you'll be pleasantly surprised, we have planned to go back sometime and have ourselves a barbecue. However don;t expect to be able to swim in the water.....I know this is strange and you might not see from the pictures but swimming was prohibited. Why you ask? Not the water, as they had designed a dike to filter out polluted kaki water and turn it into lovely dark blue water. I forward this hypothesis: it is very uncommon for Chinese to swim at all, swimming pools are far and few apart and as I mentioned above they don't traditionally like the beach so I am guessing that the government with the people's safety in mind have prevented them from venturing into deep water where they risk drowning.....What do you think? Here are some pics: DSCF0056.jpg I didn't mean to take it like that, promise...                                See if you can spot what is disturbing about this photo.....                                See here is a typical example of an Englishman, note the tan makrs on the shirt-sleeve! And then look at Morgane a ridiculously well-tanned Frenchy, it makes me sick....                                Morgane___Steph.jpg Sorry you might not have been in your best light, but it's the only one I had......

I was due back in France on the 13th August but just a few days ago I received news from HongKong City University that informed me that my application was accepted into a Masters programme (this after having had an interview with a recruitment officer), so instead of going home mid-August I'll be home by end-July, which it is going to feel so good as my internship is nearing its end (FEWWW!!) and I am feeling the need to recharge my batteries before I start back at HongKong on the 1st of September !!! Needless to say it's gonna be a hectic last month of summer.....

However before I return I will be visiting some regions in China I have yet to discover, so I hope I'll have plenty of pics to share.

See ya'll soon

PS: Thierry, me going to HK in September means I will probably continue to write on this blog, not to share as I have done so far, as it does take up a substantial part of my time especially when I have to upload pics. Anyway just thought I' warn you and inform others that this show is still on the road at least until July 2010!!!!!!

lundi 4 mai 2009

Bank holiday weekend (1-3 May)

I almost forgot about you, I can't believe I haven't posted for a month almost, time really has flown by. So I'm having trouble even remembering what I did that long ago.....

So yes the concert, the Midi Rock festival in Zhenjiang, a town in the neighbouring province of JiangSu. It is THE biggest concert in China, held every year around the beginning of May. Last year's edition took place in Beijing, this year near Shanghai.

Every year over 80,000 spectators turn up for the venue taht spans over teh whole weekend. Food and drinks are provided around the clock as well as toilets (if you can bear Chinese public toilets) and rather surprinsingly an area for pitching a tent !!

The theme was mainly oriented Metal-rock, with a few Chinese bands that were quite original and one band in particular, British might I add, that were positively the best on Friday, the opening night. Can;t recall their names but you can find them on the Midi Rock festival website.

Here are some pics:

                               1 hour after arriving and starting to queue we had advanced by 2 whole feet, the entry, 100 yards away had a riveting wait for us in store......ugh.

okay more to come, i don;t seem to have preped them.

So after this tiring experience we headed off back to Shanghai the same evening at 1 in the morning but while Steph, Morgane and Emma got off at Shanghai around 4 I stayed on until the next stop Hangzhou, 2h down the Line, a big tourist city in the neighbouring province of Zhejiang. I had lots of fun stuff planned for Hangzhou, including seeing an American friend I had met over a year prior studying Mandarin and an ex-classmate from uni Julie, who is somewhere on this blog in a very old post dating back to 2007. Moving along, the reason I precised I "had" lots of things planned is because they all fell through due to rain that spoiled most of my weekend there....So I actually just saw a Chinese friend I shared a dormitory with last year for a few months and another friend I accompanied to a Comic book exhibition held just outiside the city. These are all the pics I managed to take, conditions weren't great for photos so there isn't much to cast you eyes upon...I'll try to do better next time, promise....

egypt_in_Hangzhou.JPG nope, not Egypt, just some ridiculously over the top Chinese hotel

comic___cartoon_festival_near_hangzhou.JPG So I must have been the only foreigner there, as there were no signs up anywhere in the city about this event, nor was there any public transportation so they really weren't counting on white-arse turnout to make turnover...

creek_in_hangzhou.JPG man_walking_down_estate_pass.JPG ordinary_estate_in_hangzhou.JPG These are just a couple of views in a very ordinary CHinese residential estate near the city centre.

zhaogong_di.JPG west_lake_zhaogong_di_view.JPG Couldn't help myself from returning to where I stayed for so long, the place hadn't changed an inch...

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