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dimanche 18 octobre 2009

Biking Sunday in Kowloon 18 Oct. 2009

This Sunday morning my new flatmate Rob & I got up early and went biking in Taipo (google it!) and biked to Tai Mei Tuk (look it up!).

Very nice scenery, very nice atmosphere, lovely sunny day....what else?
















Plus here are some pics that I didn't post before from earlier:


hennessy_rd_at_night.JPG HK_island_from_vistoria_peak_daytime.JPG



vendredi 2 octobre 2009

New stop: HKCU!

Hello everyone, I know I know its been over a month since I last posted anything on the blog. I must warn you now, this won't be regularly updated as it was in Shanghai, no no no. I have decided this was too much hassle to maintain given the little time I have to devote to this sort of thing so am ceasing to post as often as before.

However good news for you pic fans out there, I will only be posting photos of experiences here instead of text and pics like before...

One obstacle along the road to that objective is the fact I don't have a camera with me, so taking pics will be difficult but I will do my best to leech off other people's pics and paste them on here.

Hope you enjoy!

This is HK for those whom are unfamiliar with it: HK_from_the_sky.JPG I live on Hennessy Road, on HK island: googleearth-HKflat.JPG

There's as much to in Hong Kong as any other city to tell the truth. What HK does better than other cities though is get just trhe right balance making everything seem easy and practical, here are some of the main sites and landmarks: a_tower_somewhere_in_HK.jpg Interntional finance center tower #1, near Central. my_street__hennessy_rd.jpg my street view_of_HK_island_lights.jpg view from Victoria peak onto the lights down below on HK island view_of_kowloon_from_victoria_peak_2.jpg view of Kowloon from Victoria peak view_of_kowloon_from_victoria_peak.jpg ...and another victoria_harbour.jpg Myself on Victoria Harbour looking out across the HK straight to HK island. dragon_on_victoria_harbour.jpg

Also a big part of the local economy is generated from horse racing and betting: horse_race.jpg horsey_expo.jpg races_at_happy_valley.jpg Those were taken in Happy Valley racing grounds on HK island. There's another much larger event that takes place in the new territories just north of HKCU that holds races on Wednesday evenings, unfortunately I will never be able to attend given my evening classes..... Here's a video, my 1st!!!:

The 1st weekend of October I went hiking on Lantau island (a constituency of Hong Kong: hiking_trail_2.jpg hiking_trail.jpg south_lantau_mountains_2.jpg south_lantau_sea.jpg

Here are some other odd pics taken at various occasions: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         My Russian classmate, Yevgeney (on the right with the glasses that many mistake for Chinese as he has Asian features typical of Siberian Russians near the Mongolian boarder) wanted a pic of a few of us in class, these are not people I normally go around with but are people I am on a Hello/goodbye basis with. HKCUtennisteamwall.jpg This is a HKCU sports team board (I helped to create!!!), and if if look cloely you should be able to see my head on a little cut out body towards the bottom left, the others are all my teammates and coaches. We are a tightly knit little community now!!! And here are some pics of our team during the university sports teams welcoming day which was a fun-packed day of games and eating and mucking around !!!! HKCU_tennis_team.jpg HKCU_Tennis_team_2.jpg HKCU_Tennis_team_3.jpg HKCU_Tennis_team_4.jpg And also now that I have mastered the art of putting videos on this blog here is another that was shot and edited by my teammates (unfortunately I was not available to participate in the shooting) that was then presented during the welcoming ceremony on the 10th October at the talent contest:

oceanparknight.jpg This was at Ocean Park on HK island (very famous theme park in Greater China), I was with my Chinese classmate, 石钦炯 (aka "Dada") and two friends we met at uni of which one was initially supposed to share a flat with Dada and I.

mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Last news from Shanghai

Right this is not going to be a usual post, I haven't got a lot of time on my hands and I just got back from my 2-week (note French speakers: no "s" after "week" in this case, haha) trip in a more western part of China, Guangxi and Sichuan provinces and I leave tomorrow so this is my last post from Shanghai this year.

I will just blast a ton of pics at you all as you've all been wanting from the beginning!!!!

Here are some from my weekend (14-16 July) spent with my colleague near Hangzhou bamboo-rafting and generally mucking around with other people on the tour. It was a promotional deal for foreigners only, YES!!! and wa all expenses paid for so we didn;t hesitate a minute in signing on: bamboo_intro5.jpg bamboo_intro7.jpg bamboo_intro8.jpg evening_uno_fans3.jpg group_pic3.jpg group_pic7.jpg mid-day_break_2.jpg mid-day_break.jpg race_pre-start2.jpg race_pre-start.jpg rubber-boat_slalom.jpg steph_I_bonfire_speech.jpg Don't know why some pics are smaller, I couldn't put them in a larger format else the resolution would've been too low.

Here are some pics I didn't add that were taken during my bank holiday weekend post (1st to 3rd May): VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100 sun-lit_downtown_buildings.JPG boob_slippers.JPG sun-lit_2.JPG old_buildings.JPG                                The above include pics taken at the Midi Rock festival also on the w-e from 1st to 3rd May and anything I could think of flashing basically.

Here are another set of pics taken a various times that i may not have had time to post earlier: steph_I_last_day_at_UTSEUS_10-07-2009.jpg steph_I_last_day_at_UTSEUS2_10-07-2009.jpg                                                               These include Steph & I on our last day at work (10th July) and 王晓磊 (aka William) and "can't remember his Chinese name" (aka Brian), 2 students at the institute I worked for with whom I was close. I did plan on visiting William in Sichuan when I was there but family issues came up and I couldn't make tthe detour to his hometown to pay him a visit, next time for sure though.

Next up pics from my holidays in Guangxi province:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Taken in Longsheng, a small town 2h north of Guilin.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The place everyone goes when they speak of Guilin, Yangshuo, 2h south of Guilin.

Hope this hqs been worthwhile, will see you all again in HongKong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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