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mardi 7 octobre 2014

Un nouveau site sur la bande dessinée

Beaucoup de choses se sont passées depuis que ce blog a été abandonné. J'ai entre autre lancé un nouveau site consacré à l'actualité de la bande dessinée, des mangas, des comics et des arts graphiques; Je vous encourage à venir le visiter. Il s'appelle Comixtrip, et vous pouvez le trouver en cliquant ici. Un dossier sur la bande dessinée en Chine y sera bientôt mis en ligne.

mercredi 20 janvier 2010

Transfer of old blog to new location

Due to recurring technical difficulties with this blog it has been moved to

Please find posts from Feb 2010 onwards on this new site.

See you there!!! ;-)

PS: I therefore hand the admin privileges to its former owner, Thierry, in case he wishes to re-use this blog.

PS2: Update: the new blog was cancelled shortly after relocation due to a lack of funding/staff. Henceforth there is no new information relating to myself in Asia. Thierry sorry, I correct what I said concerning this blog, it is indeed a cool blog, just sometimes a little unpractical.

HKCU Chongqing tennis tour, Dec 2009

1 week in Chongqing (look it up) kicking some mainland arse from the other side of a tennis court while taking time to view some local scenery and sample some of the local spicy gastronomy. This is how HKCU rocks it!!














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